In search of a cookie-free, GDPR compliant, privacy-first website analytics software

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Choosing the best website analytics provider

We are strong believers in privacy, in fact, our entire company is built on putting digital privacy first. In every decision we make, we always have our users on top of mind.

As a newly founded company we are still in the early stage of building an audience. We try to do so by creating and sharing content. Like any other company, we are interested in collecting data so we can learn from our users so we can take better decisions.

In the search of the best website analytics provider we stumbled upon Fathom. We liked the company, a small private bootstrapped company, just like ours, with a service they said was cookie-free, GDPR compliant and privacy focused. Another feature that caught our eyes was called EU isolation, to ensure compliance with the Schrems II ruling. We were stoked so we took the next step and started a seven day trial to see if they delivered as promised.

What we value most about using Fathom

As you probably already figured out, we decided to use Fathom analytics as our primary provider for collecting data about our visitors. So, what do we value most so far and how does this impact our users? One thing I really dislike about the web nowadays is the cookie consent dialogs we see all over the web. Because Fathom is cookie free, and we don't have any other cookies we don't need consent dialog. Only that feature makes me feel like , here take my money. Performance is also something that is really important to us and the script we needed to add is small and loads fast. Fathom also collects and showcases actionable data only, we don't need excessive reports, we just want the highlights, the key things about our website traffic so you can quickly adjust your content.

I hope you enjoyed this little story and that you learned something new. If you decide to walk the same path as we did, towards a more privacy-first website, give Fathom a try and see what you think.